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Gentileschi, Virgin and Christ child

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Framed canvas print, Gentileschi, Virgin and Christ child, giclee canvas, gold framed, nameplate, wedding gift, Anniversary gifts, wall art

Replica, "Gentileschi, Orazio Virgin with the sleeping Christ child". This is a framed canvas print. It is not an oil painting that vaguely imitates the original work.
Printing is obtained from a high resolution image of the original painting while retaining every detail and proportion. The image distortion method is not used to "fit" into standardized frame formats. The framing and mounting canvas are performed manually. This work is not mass produced.

Frame size (canvas and frame): (75 cm x 66 cm)(29,5 inches x 25,9 inches).
Golden frame (natural wood) ornamented width: 6.3 cm, height: 3.5 cm (2,4 inches x 1,3 inches).

The canvas used is moisture resistant, 300g / m2 Poly-cotton, the finish is satin and the pigmented inks used, have a UV-resistant coating for decades.
The nameplate is engraved (manually, not laser), displays the name of the work and author. It is made of black acrylic, laminated to old gold, size: 5 cm x 1.3 cm.

This frame is ready to hang!

Because a frame is fragile and heavy, the packaging has to be adequate. I use new packaging materials, and registered mail.

The measures provided are approximate.
The easel that appears in the photos is not included.
Colors and shades vary from monitor to monitor.
Impossible to reach an original? Get a great reproduction of your favorite author.

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